Re: Trader principle (once again) (was: will the free market
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 21:20:42 -0500 (EST)

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<< We're all idealists, we just have different ideals. I see
nothing more fundamentally moral, responsible, life-affirming--
indeed beautiful-- than the act of trade. No motive more noble
than profit. >>

Life is complex, yet put this way, it looks like a simple transaction, black
and white, one sided... I say there is no one way to do life. And we must
respect that complex and fuzzy side to life.. even learn to like it that way!

IMO, this post is the same old tune....but there are myriad shades of the
most subtle melodies, many of which elude this simple, principled, rational,
yet one sided, statement...

>>No measure of value better than the dollar

This is so dogmatic sounding, I see many things more beautiful than trade.
Profit, yeah yeah... dollars, yes please, lots of them.
Trade is GREAT!!... yet it is not the ONLY thing a happy life revolves
around, life is about expression. Creativity. Feeling ( oh no ,not feelings
again!). Joy. Acheivement. Discovery! Social interactions of a relaxed, non
traderlike nature (sometimes just fun, or romantic love). OH yes, my dear,
it is true our world needs repair, to respect "Self Empowerment" and life
supporting memes, and the anti-trade altruism (zero sum game as Ayn Randians
like to call it) is a poisonous meme. This can be countered by consciously
embracing, -among other things-, a good , solid, ethical trader principle..
but there is more to life than this kind of yawn... dollars, work ethics,
principles, debates, being "right'... yawn...

You may be right, but then, you may be missing out on something fun!