Re: Confidence: A Basic Politics Puzzle

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 19:07:52 -0500

Robin Hanson wrote:
> I see this behavior on this list as well. Why? Why so few
> qualifiers and "I don't know"s on political topics?
> Yes, of course part of what brings us together is an interest in
> anarcho-capitalist type political institutions. But why are so many
> of you so damn confident that you know how such things would actually
> function, or which minute variation would actually be best?
> Social systems are perhaps the most complex systems we know, and for
> which our ignornance should be the most vivid. Why is this so hard to
> admit?

Probably because, IMHUQO, people tend to base their political opinions
on their own experiences, they know what doesn't work, what does work,
and what is likely to benefit them as individuals or members of a group.
Democracy for example has more to do with people each choosing their own
self interest than in people choosing what is good for all. THe choices
balance out in a vote to decide what is best for the majority. Due to a
life of parcticed or feigned exercise of political rights, people become
pretty confident in their own judgement of politics.

Conversely, when was the last time the average joe got a chance to bake
a quark for breakfast?


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