Nanotechnology article in Feb/Mar 1997 issue of MIT Technology Review

Jeff Allbright (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 22:47:01 -0800

There is an article on nanotechnology in the Feb/Mar 1997 issue of MIT
Technology Review. This article can provide a good introduction for those
who are new to nanotechnology, and provides several links to related

"Scientists are devising techniques that promise to transform
nanotechnology--the ability to build tiny, complex structures molecule by
molecule--from the theoretical into the practical. The hoped-for tool chest
must include the equivalent of arms and hands that can assemble the
structures on a microscopic scale, for example. Growing understanding of
how to devise such tools should lead to products that are lighter,
stronger, smarter, cheaper, cleaner, and more precise than anything we can
build today."

Jeff Allbright