Goodbye 5++

Lyle Burkhead (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 03:07:37 -0500 (EST)

Eliezer wrote,

> I'm the fifth person to bail out.

Joy, Omega, Lyle, Michael Butler, Jim Legg -- there were already
at least five before Eliezer, and I think I forgot somebody else who
said he was leaving. I sent a who-extropians message tonight and
found that is no longer on the list. And David Musick
hasn't been heard from recently, although he hasn't unsubscribed.

I've been watching (with a certain shadenfreude <evil g> )
as the leaving-the-list meme runs its course.

QueeneMUSE and Natasha object to Eliezer's overdramatic exit.
I don't understand this attitude at all. If you just disappear without
saying goodbye, then you weren't really there in the first place.

I want to present my fond-memories-of-the-list awards to --

Steve Witham, author of the posts I will still be thinking about
when I have forgotten most of the others;
Anders, who will find/create his laughing god;
Eugene, who ought to know green grass when he sees it;
Michael Wiik, who had the balls to bring up the subject I
wouldn't touch;
Damien X, the most solid and unpretentious of the youngsters;
David and Eliezer, who gave me a bizarre mirror of myself
in my late teens;
Omega, who would have raised the discussion to a higher level
if he had stayed;
Chris, the most enthusiastic;
Robin Hanson, a counterexample to Eliezer's assertion that
"extropian heavyweight" is an oxymoron;
John Clark, who should look deeply into the origin of Newton's
concept of force;
James Rogers, who taught me many things;
Ray Peck, who will find his /asu suralokasya/ one of these days;
Hara Ra, whose miracles require absolute forgetfulness.

Hmm... that's quite a few people -- and I could add others --
I wonder if I shouldn't stay on the list after all. But, no.
There's got to be a better way to do this. I'm going to back off
and start over.

I'll see you at the Hyperchess Tournament.