Re: Immortality and Resources
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 16:24:44 -0500 (EST)

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You want socialized medicine and you call yourself an extropian? The FAQ
says something about that. >>

- I think this question is a misrepresentaion of the FAQ.

This is about personal freedom and self responsibility. One of the more
appealing things to me about anarcho capitalism, is that it will allow for
people to set up non mandatory socialist/communal situations as long as they
do not force anyone else to do so.
To say "you call you yourself an Extropian , but you don't want (pick a meme:
going into outer space, uploading, libertariansm, atheism, smart drugs,
longevity, whatever)" it reminds one of a "party line", and exclusionary,
closed circle thinking. Some pople may agree on some principles and not
others, this is a phiosophy- not a set of doctrines, a religion or written in
stone dogma.
I agree that free market is proper for developing technology - seems pretty
obvious to me, but I rahter _strongly_disagree with telling other people
what "Extropians" can think or not.