Re: >H SPORT: Ready? . . . Break! Time Out!

Kathryn Aegis (
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 16:07:24 +0000

The beautiful snow cascading over the city has put me in a football
kinda mood, so listen up:

There are no cheerleaders here! (although anyone who wants to wear a
short skirt may do so...) If you are reading this list, you have a
position on the team. We need people to scrimmage with opponents to
expansion. We need people to draw charts and diagrams that the rest of
us can use. We need people to write the game books. We need coaches to
provide vision and guidance, to boost morale, to train the speciality
teams. We need the people who invented the game to show us how far we
have progressed. We need people to produce the equipment, design the
uniforms, and sell the advertising space in the big stadiums.

In short, we need everyone's abilities. Who cares whether you are a
genius or not, whether you have ever tackled writing a book or
designing a program--there are plenty of us out there to back you up.
Not everyone gets to run into the end zone, but someone has to pass the
ball to the one who can!


Kathryn Aegis