Re: Immortality and Resources

Eivind Berge (
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 15:45:30 +0100 (MET)

Quoth J. de Lyser:

>Problem is that six year old could very well be the next einstein, but we
>will never know in a system you advocate.

The best way to suppress genius is social democratic schools. E.g. we don't
get grades the first six years of school, and the idea of special schools or
classes for the smart is unthinkable.

>I agree with you that our current state education doesn't work, and indeed
>is indoctrinated, by all posible ideas the state advocates, not just
>stimulating socialism, but nationalism, far beyond what is needed for
national >identity.

Not to mention feminism.

>My personal ethics on this:
>If you worked for your (loads of) money yourself, you have all rights to
>enjoy its benefits, as you have proven to be an invaluable exponent of your
>If however you are a stupid f*ck, who has never worked one day in his life,
>but has rich parents, or fell onto some money some other way than by
>his/her own ingenuity. Please get in line with the rest and run the same
>risk of dying in the process of doing so.

You have to be a legitimate child of the social democracy to even think of
asking if a person "deserves" what he is given by his parents or others or
otherwise rightfully acquires, or what value he is to society. Also, my
parents might very well have worked for their money and your not letting
them give them to me to me is a serious constraint of *their* freedom.
This is even worse than imposing that the state must inherit everything
when one dies; at least then you could possibly give it away first.

You want socialized medicine and you call yourself an extropian? The FAQ
says something about that.

>>The national budget has a surplus of many billions because of the oil, and
>these are being saved to ensure pensions in the future.
>That's what you think, they'll increasingly go to Europe, unless your state
>wants to get completely isolated economically that is. If your state is to
>save any of that money for its people: Distribute it now over all your
>citizens... Or better still: INVEST it in infrascructure, less you become
>the perifery of Europe. (tunnel ?)

I'm glad we didn't join the EU. I don't want to subsidize welfare in the rest
of Europe also. Maybe when Norway is poorer than Europe on average I will
change my mind.

>> I will emigrate to the US ASAP.
>Why ? Looks to me you'd be far happier in any ex-communist country.

I like it in the US. Politics is just one of the reasons.