Re: Software virtues into AI

James Rogers (
Fri, 07 Feb 1997 17:43:00 -0800

At 11:02 AM 2/1/97 +0100, Eugene Leitl wrote:
>On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, The Low Willow wrote:
>> As it races to catch up with a 26 year old operating system? Macs and
>> NT are trying to turn themselves into Unix, advantage NT. Okay, so I
>Haven't you seen Unix giving up ground in favour of NT? That's a real
>threat. The lemmings are on the move, towards a yet another monopoly. Well.

The only place where Unix is losing ground to NT is the workstation market.
NT makes a modest workgroup server, and a worthless enterprise server
(despite what Microsoft would tell you). Unix still has a stranglehold on
the mid- to high-end server market. The current NT kernel performs well for
workstation apps, but poorly for most server apps due to design limitations.

>> hear threading is more advanced than Unix processes and fork(), and I
>Multithreaded flavours of Unix do exist, see Mach. SMP version of
>Linux are also available, btw.

The problem with the NT kernel is that certain important aspects are
single-threaded through CPU 0, such as I/O. That means that NT threading is
only applicable to user space computation, such as rendering. This is also
the reason NT scales poorly for things like database applications.

Linux has a similar problem in the current SMP release (only one kernel
lock), but is being corrected as we speak.

>I don't see why we
>at all need file systems, when virtual memory, persistant objects and
>garbage collection would do perfectly.

I am hesitant to agree with this, but in a general sense you may be correct.

>> Memes to spread: Microsoft is trying to catch up with a free, 26 year
>> old OS (older than many programmers at Microsoft).
>It wasn't free during most of the time, desastrous marketing being
>part of why it ain't widespread yet (and never will, but I never liked
>mainstream things).

Not to mention the proliferation of non-standard Unix "standards".

-James Rogers