HUMOR: Microprofessors

Max M (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 11:29:26 +0100

In "Engines Of Creation" Drexler assumes that a nano computer with
human-brain capacity can be made with the size of 1 cm**3. We could then
all "download" to one of these brains. We can then make a body wich will be
about 7 cm high (3 inches) and all the over-population problems can thus be
As good Extropians and Transhumans this will not satisfy the members on
this list. We will most certainly develop a brain with at least twice that
capacity. As the curious people we are, we will use the extra brain
capacity to become even smarter. We will thus become "micro-professors".
Networking will then become a social problem not a technical issue with
protocols and what have you. "Online universities" will become a thing of
the past. The hot trend will be in "inline universities".
Of course there will be some ethical questions when it comes to parallel
professing, and how many micro-professors it will be ethically safe to put
in a single computer.

I'm pretty shure though that micro-professors wil lead to an new age in
intelligent computing and artificial intelligence.

Lets change the extropian slogan for it to fit to this new age...
"Downvards... Invards"

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