LIFE EXTENSION: Novel Antioxidant

Crosby_M (
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 18:41:59 -0500

There is a current Transhumans thread about nerve growth factors
(which I don't have any info on). But, I did notice a report in the
25 January 1997 Science News about a novel antioxidant that was
reported in the 21 Jan Proceedings of the National Academy of

The antioxidant is a nitrone known as PBN which may slow aging in the
brain. While the purpose of most antioxidants is to scavenge
destructive free radicals, the Science news article noted that some
free radicals are necessary "to eliminate invaders and unwanted
tissues [and] also to synthesize many important compounds, including
hormones". Unlike most antioxidants, PBN (which is being developed by
Centaur Pharmaceuticals) supposedly has the advantage that it does not
eliminate these useful functions of free radicals, only their harmful

Mark Crosby