Tue, 4 Feb 1997 18:14:06 -0500

Dear Ed Regis, I enjoyed reading your article on Julian Simon in the
Feb 1997 edition of WIRED magazine. I don't agree with Julian Simons
ideas. I visited his Homepage and have an idea of where he is coming
from as he labels the environmental movement a fraud by con artists.
Julian Simon's perpective is anthropocentric, he really does not care
for anything else in the biological community. Perhaps this perspective
is also shared by the majority of your readers so when they view the
pictures presented as perceptions and realities on pages 138 and 139
they can feel comfortably reassured that all is well. Where is the
logic in asserting that nukes are the equivalent of raising the national
highway speed limit 0.006 mph? The world's oceans are being fished out.
Rain forests are vanishing and temperate forests are also vanishing and
being replaced by monocultures of tree farms. Soil erosion is a major
problem. Air pollution is worse in many areas such as Phoenix, Arizona.
Valuable farm land is being paved over. I think Mr. Simon would like
to lull Americans into a comfortable indifference on these issues so
that environmental regulations can be reduced or eliminated. One not
convinced. Cyber Ed

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