Re: Longevity: Nutrients: What, How Much, And How To Take It.
Sun, 2 Feb 1997 20:25:15 -0500 (EST) (Anders Sandberg) writes:

>On Sat, 1 Feb 1997 wrote:

>> (Mike Cowar.) writes:
>> >I want a list of All necessary nutients,
>> >thier Optimal dosage,
>> >and most efficient method of administration
>> >for the purpose of longevity.
>> There's no such thing, and anybody who claims to have one is a scamster or
>> fool. Even scamsters are rarely so bold.

>I think you are a bit too harsh here. We can't list for certain *every*
>nutrient we need, but we can make a quite good list of those we know of,
>and they make up most of the food we eat (the unknown ones are most likely
>present in the same food that is rich in the known nutrients).

I wasn't being harsh. There's a lot of good recommendations (extra of most
vitamins, keep fat and calories down, plenty of trace minerals, etc.) But
the the original poster requested superlatives ("best", "optimal" "most
efficient") and that is most definitely not to be had. All this stuff is
most tentative. Remember the results of the long-term beta carotene studies?

>CR looks promising, but it is most likely very hard to turn directly from
>a normal diet to a CR diet; instead it is most likely a good idea to
>first starte eating healthy low-calorie food, and once you have made that
>a habit move towards CR. A direct jump is bound to lead to hunger and
>motivation problems.

The best way to succeed in CR is a *completely* open question. I'm not aware
of one whit of research in how different methods compare in effectiveness.
Animal models are useless as the animals can't make informed decisions; they
must be forced to eat less.