Re: ECON: What Jim Legg doesn't understand

Jim Legg (
Sat, 1 Feb 1997 15:00:54 +1300

> Despite billions in profits last year, the fast-food chain
> represented by the popular clown mascot pocketed $1.6 million in
> taxpayers' money in 1996, the Libertarian Party noted today.

Nice try, but you're seeing the "system by whatever name" from the inside,
whereas I am seeing it from the outside to my advantage. For example, you
are expressing by quoting sentiments such as the above you are doing
stirring almost patriotic fervor. Someone would think that you view money
as an actual finite resource not to be wasted or loose value. Heck, if the
people who print it for a fee thought it was valuable wouldn't they be
trying to keep its value up.

There are new ways of finding communication value other than in price, and
that don't jeopardize safety. (which I trust is of paramount value to this


Jim Legg
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