Hidden variables

Steve Witham (sw@tiac.net)
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 05:49:47 -0500

>> Writing in 1993, David Mermin referred to the generations of graduate
>> students who might have been tempted to construct hidden-variables
>> theories but had been 'beaten into submission' by the claim that von
>> Neumann had proved that it could not be done. He said that von ...
>> Neumann's 'no-hidden-variables proof' was based on an assumption so
>> silly '...

Isn't Bell's inequality derived correctly from QM as we know it?

Doesn't it show that (if true) hidden variables don't help unless you
also relax some other pretty *reasonable* assumptions?

Aren't there some experiments (one by Aspick? (sp?)) that pretty
convincingly demonstrate the inequality?

If so, then isn't von Neumann's mistake pretty much a moot point?

Please advise.


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