Re: Immortality and Resources

Jim Legg (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 21:46:51 +1300

> of predatory behavior in general. It is a very deeply rooted problem
that is
> much older and more general than anything specifically to do with
> and a problem which we humans are not in any way exempt from.
> We may transcend this problem, but we will certainly no longer be human
> we do so. Are you ready to be non-human?

Yes I am. However there is the outlook of comprehensive philanthropy that
is needed to link the two species. I arrived at this link in February 1994
when I set about drafting a synoptic anatomy of transhumanity. During this
process I outlined the metaethics of transhumanity and a very interesting
future it predicted, indeed. Later, I redefined all words using a 'human'
component and found that a, spiral rather than circular, logic between the
two sets was connected by the word 'transhumanitarianism' in which
philanthropy was included to give the same meaning as humanitarianism. In
1994 I did not use the modern 'trans' prefix and settled on the Greek root
of 'ek' for brevity. Not that I'm wanting to convince the extropians to
adopt the 'ekhuman' word instead of 'transhuman' but it had a better ring
to it than using the Latin prefix with the obvious derision created by the
word exhuman.

While we're on the subject of circular logic I would like to point out that
after a juxtaposition is created between two concepts, maps can easily be
made using psychological correlation tables to quickly determine if the
common Fourier space is being used consistently.


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