Re: HELP! I'm being attacked by my family! National Emergency!

Kennita Watson (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 00:14:17 -0800

Mike Cowar writes:

>My parents saw I was getting mail from
> and now they think I'm in league with the devil!...
>They are threatening to cut off the computer (this computer)
> from the internet because they think it is Satanic.
>I have been raised to be dependant upon them
> and would have a difficult time claiming my independance.
>I have been denied access to and control of my assets.
>I have been threatened with homelessness.
>I fear for my health and safety.
>I am sovereign and have declared that publicly
> (not that many people would believe me)
> and any legal action would be under international jurisdiction.
>My life is a mess.

I'm assuming you actually are a dependent (under 18) -- if this is
incorrect, please let me know.
1) Calm down. Get your own emotions under control (anger, frustration,
fear, defiance, outrage, etc.) before you do anything else. Seek
outside help if necessary.
2) Take your parents on a tour of the Christian sites on the Internet,
Usenet, IRC, etc.
3) Try talking to a counselor or teacher and have them talk to your parents
about the good things about the Internet.
4) In the interests of diplomacy, you may want to consider filtering
messages from for a while. Unreasonable or not, as long
as they pay the bills, they get a say.
5) If the situation becomes truly unbearable, two words: emancipated minor.

Good luck.

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