Re: Immortality and Resources

Omega (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 23:47:18 -0800


> "In its efforts to conceal this reality, capitalism has become notorious
> for vicious attacks and disregard of the rights of any who would expose the
> truth of its actual practices. As with rape and other abuse, society's
> activity can cause lasting harm to those involved, to families, and to
> mankind."

Jim, I see a problem with this analysis that hints at a deeper level that
can be found behind to this problem. The problem is that all of the evils
presented here as characteristics of capitalism, are actually characteristics
of predatory behavior in general. It is a very deeply rooted problem that is
much older and more general than anything specifically to do with capitalism,
and a problem which we humans are not in any way exempt from.

We may transcend this problem, but we will certainly no longer be human when
we do so. Are you ready to be non-human?

In the Ecstatic Service of Life -- Omega