Re: Wireless Electricity -- Bunk? ( Nope!

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 19:43:18 -0500

Chris Hind wrote:
> >This sort of thing was pioneered by Tesla, who forsaw a worlwide power
> >grid that transmitted energy through the air/ground circuit. All
> >vehicles would be powered by rectennae, as well as appliances, etc. He
> >thought that putting transmitters at the main power generators, like
> >Niagra Falls (then the biggest power project in the world) would free
> >the world from the pollution brought on by the industrial age.
> >Unfortunately, his main backer, JP Morgan, cut him off when he found out
> >that Tesla wanted to give power away for free......
> I've heard this idea is bunk. Is it truely possible to transmit energy? If
> this is so why aren't people doing it already and I don't want to hear the
> standard defense on how oil companies have a conspiracy controlling the
> United States government.

It is truly possible. I've done it myself at a freinds workshop in
Seattle. The reason why it is not done is because it is impossible to
keep ANYONE from tapping into your power if they build the reciever, so
you don't know who is taking your power, so you can't bill them for the
service. (It is illegal, for example to steal power from the big power
lines with a similar sort of induction circuit, one guy got caught with
a 30,000 foot length of copper cable wrapped around his garage, near a
power line, from which he was taking power via the coil that was not
attached to the line in anyway except by induction.)

In order to make this feasible, the whole worlds power companies would
need to merge into one huge cooperative monopoly. People would have to
buy power recievers that are metered, or they would have to pay a head
tax based on the average power consumption for their area. This sort of
scheme was experimented with by Tesla at a huge mushroom shaped antennae
he had built with the help of Morgan, next to a power station on Long

This is different from the beamed microwave scheme stated previously by
another list member, as microwaves can be narrow cast as coherent beams
of energy, while the lower frequency power Tesla was working on
harmonized with the earth's magnetic field.


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