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At 08:56 PM 1/27/97 -0500, Mike Cowar. wrote:

>>I find myself in about 85% agreement with extropianism,
>What parts?

I agree with the maximalization of our psyche's, let's see let me find the

ok, as Max More wrote:

"1. Dynamic optimism serves to motivate continuous personal transformation,
and to sustain transformative efforts, conquering barriers and overwhelming
discouragement during times of difficulty or weariness.
2. Boundless expansion as a society provides the context required for us to
sustain truly long-term personal progress, to provide energy, space, and
the framework for the diversity implicit in individual self-transformation."

(as long as this is done in a balanced way without ruining the
environment, I have no problem with this).

"3. Intelligent technology in this context means directing science and
technology toward the transcendence of our hitherto inherently limited
4. Spontaneous order is an enabling condition, allowing each individual to
pursue his or her self-transformation with minimal interference from others
and to maximum mutual benefit from the resulting diversity. "

Again as long as it is responsible to Gaia and other living life forms I
agree with this.

I agree with these principles.

>> in about 15% disagreement.
>What parts?

That there is no Divinity....that immortality is possible nor necessarily

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