Re: PSYCH/PHIL: We ARE the Experience

Hara Ra (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 01:00:30 -0800

J de Lyser wrote:

> Still CD technology was developed to store only what the human ear can hear.
> In order to save storage space, all low frequencies, the human ear cannot
> hear were left out. Frequencies that you do feel, when they're being
> reproduced, and that influence those that lie just above.

Actually the CD technology can store arbitrarily low frequencies; the
frequency cutoffs are in the recording gear. I have a few CDs which are
loud at subsonic frequencies because the recording engineer couldn't
the subsonics. How do I know? I own a BodySonic chair which takes the LF
component and drives the chair and ottoman, range about 5-50 HZ. I can
the LF directly!

Not all of the "emotional" component of music is in the LF range.

> noticed the difference, or say the sound is less 'emotional', this is what i
> meant in the example, an uploaded human personality with a percentage of
> loss, might be acceptable to some.

I doubt there would be much appeal for low fidelity uploading. For
myself, I
would ask to stay in the Dewar for 10 more years....

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