Re: Immortality and Resources

Jim Legg (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 19:08:16 +1300

> > > Please explain what you mean here, because my mind has no referent
> > > for the word "economics" that comes anywhere close to the attributes
> > > you assign to it here.
> >
> > Avarice > self-interest > Economics
> I ask for a definition, and you just name three things that have
> nothing to do with each other? Is your mind so full of floating
> abstractions and propaganda that you can't define terms clearly?

I can't apologize enough for not saying that the above three terms were
linked by historical evidence as being the conditional terms as used in the
17th, 18th and 19th century to explain the prevailing money phenomenon. I
thought you actually wanted a referent for your mind as to how economics as
practiced in 1997 can be likened to a mind-control Scientology-like cult.
That is why I proposed you should view my juxtaposition for Upload
Counseling at the "Counter Capitalism" link on my website, from which I

"In its efforts to conceal this reality, capitalism has become notorious
for vicious attacks and disregard of the rights of any who would expose the
truth of its actual practices. As with rape and other abuse, society's
activity can cause lasting harm to those involved, to families, and to

> Do you deny that need and scarcity exist?

It only exists in the minds of those who don't realize that it should no
longer be of concern in an automated society. Uploading is a different
ball-game and the rules have changed.


Jim Legg
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