Re: Venus Automorphs Into Great Mathematician, Loses Psyche

Kathryn Aegis (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 01:49:40 +0000

Michael Wiik:
>So, apologies, but playing petty mindgames at meetings seems to me totally
>entropic behavoir. And I'm sure it goes on all the time. Sometimes I wish
>I had the time to waste.

That isn't it at all, and I'm sorry you interpreted it that way. I'm
talking about the basic situation most profession women encounter
when they take a position of leadership, if they happen to be young
and attractive. You enter a room and literally no one makes eye
contact with you because they think you're the secretary or an
assistant. I don't apologize for gently pulling the rug out from
under that assumption--half of business is power games anyway. Most of
them do adjust, and guess what--the older men tend to deal with it better,
because they are less easily threatened.


Kathryn Aegis