Re: Immortality and Resources

Jim Legg (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 15:28:58 +1300

> > This research funding point is exactly the problem. The only practical
> > solution around the gaping hole caused by the mind-control, cult-like,
> > permission system called economics is to realize it has outlived any
> > usefulness...
> Please explain what you mean here, because my mind has no referent
> for the word "economics" that comes anywhere close to the attributes
> you assign to it here.

Avarice > self-interest > Economics

I can understand how society operates along the same lines as a
mind-control cult, say that of Scientology. Any attempt to see from the
outside is attacked by those still inside. I have a 125K juxtaposition of
this referent. I don't want to post it here unless it is specifically
requested, but would be happy to send it as a private attachment, if anyone
wishes. In the meantime it can be downloaded along with the DOS AI
juxtaposition software via.

A preface and a link called "Counter Capitalism W.I.P." is also available
from my website but the text still has to be unzipped.


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