Re: Genius -- the evidence

Mike Cowar. (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 19:10:16 -0500

>On 27/01/97, Mike Cowar wrote:
>>Who opened up my mind to it's potential?
>>Mitch Porter did.
>>Anders Sandburg did.
>>Eric Forste did.
>>Joe Strout did.
>>Ralph Merkle did.

[-E. Shaun Russell]
> No, Mike, you are wrong. *You* opened up your mind to its
>potential. Mitch, Anders, Eric, Joe and Ralph all may have helped you on
>your way, but in the end it was *your* mind, and *you* listened to all that
>they had to say. *You* learned. You truly didn't have to if you didn't
>want to.

I know.
Language is made up of symbols that are COMPLETLY dependant
upon personal interpretation,
but I was speaking in a language most people would understand.
I'm glad you are not like most people.