Re: Software virtues into AI

Chris Hind (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 00:01:19 -0800

>For instance, I install a new version of my OS and the TCP settings are
>toast, and the new control panel doesn't make sense. Or it fails with a
>completely uninformative and patently absurd message, with no clue where
>to go from there. I call up the help wizzard and it says, "Put your
>DNS server address here," indicating a section of a form that has no
>blanks to fill in. (This is Mac System 7.5.5's Guide on the TCP/IP
>control panel. A really beautiful animation of drawing a red crayon
>circle in an empty white space, including showing through the translucent
>help box.)

Buy a PC! :) Windows95 has far more builtin intelligence than the mac has
ever had.

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to lose sight of the shore."

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