Re: PSYCH/PHIL: We ARE the Experience

Jim Legg (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 20:56:54 +1300

Can I:-

1) experience the incineration of an amputated limb by quantum magical

2) be aware of sensations via an interface to a bionic limb and can
everything be replaced?

If so then:-

3) is there a sensational total replacement plan in the offing?

4) where do I sign while I am still an active pattern of sensations?


Jim Legg
Man * Soul / Computer = 12 : (I think therefore I surf)


>  - David Musick wrote;
> snip <
> sensations themselves become an intergral part of you as soon as you are
> of them.  You *are* that awareness; you *are* that sensation.  If it's 
> experienced, then it is already part of you; for you *are* that
> snip <
> We are ephemeral, transient patterns, rising from other patterns and
> on to become something else.  From moment to moment, experiencing the
> that we are.  We are this; This Very Moment.