Genius - the evidence

Lyle Burkhead (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 17:13:17 -0500 (EST)

QueeneMUSE writes,

> << before this discussion started, I invited QueeneMUSE
> to study mathematics (and I got no response at the time). >>
> so you think you can be abusive and still have response from the queene?
> forget that lyle -
> i respnded last time becuase you were nice
> N

I was nice the first time. Back in October, when I wrote the bit about
the laser show in a cathedral full of mirrors, I had been nice to you,
you had been nice to me, you and I were very friendly. This continued
until Nov 1, when you wrote, concerning my relationship with Leslie,

> No, I think it qualifies as anachronistic, adolescent,
> limited by tradition, sexist meme!
> OooooH! Sorry, Now i know what you mean by "real artist"!
> A dead one.

This, about the best friend I ever had...
and now I'm the one who is
"abusive"... what perfect female logic.

What I said about Abel was graphic, but it was absolutely true, and there
was nothing abusive about it. A genius can't be stopped by anything
short of death. A genius will do anything, literally anything, to pursue
his vision, even if he has to starve and spit blood. That's the level
on which the game is played. When believers in the equality meme
tell me that women would be geniuses if only their school counsellors
didn't discourage them, it's bullshit.