Re: brutal prose, genius, gender issues and math
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 04:43:56 -0500 (EST)

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: [PS Nadia, are you with us on this thread? Imagining grids of points,

: and having them light up in various patterns and colors, is the
: connection between art and mathematics. Mathematics, when you learn
: to see it as it is, is like a laser show in a cathedral full of


Lyle, I wish I could see math like that, you have no idea, I would give
anything to be able to, I am trying like hell to overcome my math blocks, I
am one of those "poor dears" who never got encouraged in math (and I can do
it when i do audio engineering and write musical arrangements, so I know it
is not hopeless) Howeever, I am working hard (no, I havent gotten TB from it
to date) to go back and learn, I am doingit, not just for applied uses, but
to understand the beauty and power of math. It is my dream, and the way you
speak of it really enhances my desire to know it.

The thing you describe above almost makes me want to cry, it sounds so
magnificence, but then there are those who say words shouldn't bring