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Omega (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 00:18:44 -0800

Michael Butler wrote:

> Yes, that's the "sanitization" I'm talking about. But the
> less-serious leftists were mocking the _real_ sentiment of the
> more-serious ones: that only "*true*" Marxist(-Leninist, -Maoist)
> thought was tolerable, and in particular that deviations must be
> pruned, brutally if need be. Ever hear about Beria and Trotsky?

I have to agree with Michael here; which brings us back to the
issue that we may well have a deeply rooted genetic predisposition
to "blindness and loss of objectivity" on subjects which arouse
political passions.

Considering that behavior is considered to evolve quicker than
morphology, and that human language goes back from 50-200+ Ky
(according to who you ask) I see little reason to doubt that
something like this is going on (especially when one considers
the abundant evidence for such blindness in the historical record).

>From a little broader perspective, the silence on this very issue
in the midst of a heated argument covering the subject of "political
correctness" from a number of angles could even perhaps be taken as
further evidence of this type of selective blindness.

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