Re: Gender issues (was HUMOR: Anti-cryonics philosophy)

Michael Butler (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 16:02:20 PST

Evil flying monkeys influenced the ordinarily-wondrous QueeneMuse to write:
Because, for one, the words politically correct, at first, were not a jab, a
joke or a poke at people who are trying to whine about their condition, or
get their way, but meant some one who had first done their homework and tried
to make an educated political decision. Which then became a kind of position,
and instead of being thinking, became unthinking.

"at first?"

(*cough*) "Was you _dere_, Fritz?"

Well, historically, "politically-correct" was, as best I can recall,
a phrase used by Marxist(-Leninist?)(-Maoist?) theory hacks to
dissect or deconstruct utterances (you name it, movies, PhD theses,
*any*damnthing) of which they disapproved. And there were real
consequences if you didn't measure up...

To have published something not-politically-correct was to have put
oneself at risk of demotion, being passed-over, reeducation (in the
paddies or gulags) or adjudication as (politically-)insane. Sometimes
one simply disappeared and/or was written out of the encyclopedia just
like the Tu-144.

I'm sorry, but long before the phrase was sanitized by lefties, the
phrase had a lot of the same weight as "pure Aryan stock", and yet I
don't see any Nuremberg trial being scheduled for the guilty still

*cough*, again.

Now, as to your other point: Doctrinaire *anything* is *always* a
worthy candidate for inspection. Left, Right, up, down, in, out...

Be well,

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