PHILOSOPHY: What is Reality?

Joel 'Twisty' Nye (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 14:07:02 -0800

PHILOSOPHY: What is Reality?
Mike Cowar simply asks, "What is reality?"

It is easy to answer what Criteria constitutes reality:
Reality is the set of all Causal items mutually related to every
percieved or experienced Effect.

It is difficult to answer what is the nature of reality, because
we are finite beings, with finite perceptions, and as such we will
never correctly interperate all those experiences with any complete

It is thus impossible to answer what is the composition of reality...
at least, in any complete sense. We can not even be sure as to whether
or not there are reality sets outside our own that have had no effect
past, yet will introduce new variables to our own reality, should it one
day make contact with ours. However, such a set would then constitute
a subset of our own reality, having Caused its Effects.

Incomplete answers about Reality's composition are easier:
It's all Star Stuff.
Star Stuff in Four Dimensions.
It's all a function of Time, which in turn may be a function of
some greater constant or function.
Actually, it's a HilbertSpace (or maybe DilbertSpace?) Fractal
that continuously branches out into endless possibilities.
The more we promote life as we know it, or perhaps some more advanced
extropic force we have yet to know, the more possibilities there will be
into which this reality fractal will blossom. :-)

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