re: evolution - AAT (Aquatic Ape theory)

Crosby_M (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 11:02:21 -0500

J. de Lyser wrote:
<That leaves a very 'grey' area of discussion of about 1 million years
(3-2 mln years ago) where a stupid, small and just developed acinonix
species might have preyed on a DESCENDANT of Afarensis who was 2
million years in development already (2mln years in development BEYOND
lucy, 1 mln years away from Habilis), and probably had aquired more
brain volume, use of primitive tools etc.>

Just a note that many following this thread have probably already

< Stone tools dating back 2.5 million years are the oldest ever found,
scientists reported Wednesday, prompting a search for more evidence
about the pre-humans who made them. The surprisingly sophisticated
tools, found on the border between Ethiopia and Kenya, push back
the frontier of the first-known use of tools by pre-humans by 200,000