Re: Throwing ape's hip structure

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 17:45:02 -0500

Robert Schrader wrote:
> The mechanics of throwing an object are discussed in some detail in
> "The Physics of Baseball" by Robert K Adair, HarperCollins, in print
> for $8.95. I re-read part of it, and it doesn't look good for Lucy.
> Preliminary calculations indicate a _maximum_ of 19 foot-pounds when
> she throws a baseball-mass rock. ( And this assumes that she has
> had professional coaching and suffient chaw. ) Is this enough to
> discourage a smilodon or similar sized proto-canine?
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Robert Schrader

Its good to see some actual data, I'll have to find the book. I'd
especially like to see what force Lucy's brother can put into the rock.
Given Lucy's wider female hips, I'd also like to see what she can do
with a softball underhanded throw.....


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