Re: MEMETICS: The Triumph of Reason
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>That's pretty much what I would expect from Shaun Russell. I would
>expect better from Eliezer, but when the dogma of equality is challenged,

>apparently even he is eager to reduce himself to the same level as Shaun.
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Actually, personality aside, Lyle has a good point, in some ways.'s
important to look at causes of, or evidence o,f inequality, even if it's are
not what we want to hear. If it is a fact, it won't make a difference to me
KNOWING it. It COULD make a difference to research and developement of
I see nothing bad about looking facts in the face, especially if we are going
to make discoveries which would help us.

The questionable part is whose facts you accept. Of course, if I do
experiments and if the evidence does support women being somehow inferior
(which I doubt, but then I am a woman so I would tend to look for evidence of
OUR superiority) this would be useful information, as someone ( Anders?)said
we transhumanists are seeking to overcome limits, genetic intelligence most
of all.

But, historically, entropically, the men who have asserted that genetics or
bone, brain mass or racial/genetic/sexual status are the key to superiority-
have little or no interest in changing the staus quo, or making use of the
research; it is justification, rather than truthful, rational, inquiry.
Most have been exposed as hoaxsters or delusional at best.

I repeat : read Steven Jay Gould "Mismeasure of Man" for an
amusing/depressing history of these kind of scientists.