Proposed HTML Time tagging system (was Re: Before Now)

Chris Hind (
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 22:57:08 -0800

>Secondly, since historical dates are no longer static, and are
>incountinual flux as now moves forward, history itself must now be
>maintained. Every date becomes a clock, measuring its distance to
>today. Difficult to implement in paper media, but a breeze in any
>electronic format.

I dunno about the rest but I agree that perhaps a proposed HTML tagging
system could accomplish this and do such things as show the current time at
the server's location, show GMT, or show your own local time. This system
could even allow you to create sentences like, "The Northridge Earthquake
in California occurred n years ago."
Someone please submit this idea to the W3, I am recently incredibly busy
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