PRESS: Sex, Science Fiction and Shareware: The Mistress of Bits & , Time

Eugene Leitl (
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 23:24:10 +0100 (MET)

Happened to have run into an interview with Romana M. in this Chip 2/1997
(kraut tabloid for computer semiilliterati) an hour ago. It sure primarily
focused on the sex thang, but -- wonders over wonders! -- also mentioned
extropy en passant. It featured links to Stego, Romana's steganography
shareware written in Java (computer witch? not too nice), a link to
Romana's home page, to the Peek of the Week (of course), 5 steps to
becoming an extropian, more about extropians and the list server address
(_sans_ giving additional subscription procedure, but what should one

The interviewer carefully avoided mentioning technical info (I bet he
hadn't understood a single thing), but the outline of extropian credo was
still recognizable (if one knew what to look for).

All in all: thanks for developing a 3rd world country.