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Tempting Tear-Outs

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Name of USA mags you currently get on the newsstand or in the store:

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<bold>1.</bold> This version can be read by everyone, no matter what
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computer you use, or what type of software you use. It is a

format, with just <bold>our entire catalogue pasted into the body
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system or an advanced software version such as Eudora Pro 3.0 or

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However, if your software limits incoming email messages to a

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version. This isn't for internet *newbies.* Better to order
option 1

and spend a few minutes pasting them into one whole text document

with your word processor, than to waste hours trying to figure

to deal with this option. This version is great for doing word

searches and jumping around within the catalogue with your word

processing software, if your normal email reading software doesn't

allow this.

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users: compressed attached

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(unstuffs). This is for more advanced mac computer users only, as

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able to do.

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7. your fax must not exceed 1 page in length. Faxes of 2 or more
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10. If this all seems too complicated for faxing, just do it the old
fashioned way via smail!!!

<bold>WHO WE ARE:</bold>

Tempting Tear-Outs is an advertising company that brings potential new
customers to the companies they advertise for.


The company making the offer is a magazine subscription agency based in
the USA. They have over 1,500 popular USA titles available to be
shipped to *any* country, including of course, to anywhere in the USA!
<bold><underline>They offer a FREE 1 yr. subscription to your choice
of over 270 of the titles in their catalogue to any new customer using
them for the first time.</underline></bold> The dollar value of
the freebies, based on the subscription prices directly from the
publishers, ranges from $6.97 all the way up to $50.00!

For new customers in the USA, there is no charge for FPH (foreign
postage & handling), so the freebie is 100% free! For new customers
living overseas, the only charge on the freebie would be for the FPH
(foreign postage & handling).

Their president has been in the magazine subscription business since
1973 and they are very customer-service oriented. They will even help
you with address changes on your magazines, even if you move from one
country to another country. They have thousands of happy customers in
over 59 countries.

<bold>Their price guarantee is very simple: they guarantee that
their subscription prices are the lowest available and they will BEAT
any legitimate, verifiable offer before you pay them or match it
afterwards, by refunding you the difference in price PLUS the cost of
the postage stamp you would use sending in the special offer to them,
even 6 months after you pay them, as long as it was current at the time
of your offer. Does that sound fair? Wouldn't it be great if
everything you bought came with that price guarantee? </bold>

Sometimes they are less than half of the next best deal out there,
sometimes just a little cheaper, but always you get the lowest rates
without having to shop around. With 1,500 titles on their list,
they would like to think that they have also the best selection

Within the USA, for their USA customers, they are cheaper than all
their competitors and even the publishers themselves. This is their
price guarantee. The 1 yr. freebie that you get with your first
order is completely free!

Overseas, (even after you factor in the cost of the FPH (foreign
postage & handling) and the conversion from USA Dollars to your
currency), on the average, they are generally around one-fourth to
one-half of what the newsstands overseas charge locally for USA
magazines. On some titles they are as little as one-tenth of what the
newsstands charge. They are also the cheapest subscription source for
delivery overseas, including directly from the publishers themselves!
Some publishers don't even offer subscriptions overseas.........but
overseas subscriptions are this company's specialty! They feel that
magazines should not be a luxury overseas. In the USA, people buy
magazines and then toss them after reading them for just a few minutes
or hours. They are so cheap in the USA! Well, this company would
like to make it the same way for their overseas members. They are also
cheaper than all their competitors in the USA and overseas, including
the publishers themselves! It is also *highly unlikely* you will find
any of their USA competitors calling you overseas, in order to offer
that personal touch, just to sell you a couple of magazines! But that
is what this company specializes in and loves doing! Around
one-half their business comes from overseas, so they are very patient
with new members who only speak limited English as a 2nd language.
Subscription prices quoted for overseas consist of the subscription
price, plus the FPH. You add the two together and that is your total
cost. The exception is the 1 yr. freebie you get with your first
order. On that title, you pay *only* the FPH for the 1 yr. term.

<bold><underline>Their prices are so cheap because when you deal with
them, you cut-out all the middlemen.</underline></bold>

WITH THEM:</bigger></bigger></bold>

<bold>Simply fax or smail back to us the reply form listed at the top
of this message.</bold> We will then forward your form on to the
subscription agency. They will then email their "big and juicy"
catalogue to you, in whichever of the four formats you chose. The
catalogue is FREE and makes for hours of fascinating reading, on its
own. It includes the complete list of freebies, a complete list of all
the titles they sell, as well as detailed descriptions on most of the
titles, along with lists of titles by category of interest and their
terms of sale.

They will then give you a friendly, no-pressure, no obligation,
5-minute call to go over how they work and to answer any questions that
you might have, as well as give you up-to-the minute price quotes on
any titles you might be considering. They will call you in whatever
country you live in, taking the time difference into account. As
they like to emphasize the personal touch they give to each new
customer, all first-time orders can only be done via phone, so they can
answer all your questions completely and personally. Once you have
placed your first order via phone, you will be able to place future
orders and make inquiries on your account, get price quotes, etc., all
via email, if that is most convenient for you.

Within the USA, they accept payment via check over the phone,
Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Overseas, they accept
Mastercard, Visa and American Express, even if your credit card is a
local one in local currency!

That's our introduction of our client that we represent. We hope that
we have piqued your interest and that you will take the next step to
get their free catalogue! Thank you for your time and interest.


Tempting Tear-Outs.

For more info on advertising rates, please write us on your company
letterhead, w/business card, via smail to: Tempting Tear-Outs, 3835
Richmond Ave. Suite #200, Staten Island NY 10312-3828, USA.
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