ART: Extropic Art Manifesto

Natasha V. Mor (
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 19:08:36 -0700 (MST)

Dear transhuman friends,

I am launching the Extropic Art Manifesto. Many of you have already signed
the Manifesto and I thank you for your support and encouragement. I invite
those who have not yet read it to participate. The Extropic Art Manifesto
is now being signed by artists and scientists alike. Artists such as Merlin
(Stellarc Australia) and scientists such as Bart Kosko and Roy Walford have
already signed. By adding your names to this Manifesto you can help drive
home the realization that the future of our art, our creativity and
imagination, is most clearly understood in terms of extropic thinking.=20

As many of you know, I have been an ardent activist of Transhumanist Art
for many years. As my own vision of the future has crystalized, so has my
aesthetic sensibility towards Transhumanist Art. I explained in the
Transhumanist Art Statement ( the
relationship between Transhumanist Art and Extropic Art: "They are like
slightly different reflections of the same thing=97Extropic Art being more=
focus. Extropic Art is an outgrowth of Transhumanist Art. Where
Transhumanist Art represents the aesthetic culture of transhumanity,
Extropic Art emphasizes the actualization of the aesthetic culture. Its
goals are very focused, developed and refined, inspired by my own ideas
along with the Extropian philosophy."

If you have not done so already, please send me your name as a participant
as soon as possible. Your participation will help. The more people who sign
it, the more effective the Manifesto will be in spreading our shared ideas
to new communities. Along with your e-mail address, I welcome you to send a
URL to link to the Manifesto examples of your extropically artistic=


Natasha, Extropic Artist

Thanks to Max More, Greg Burch, Eric Watt Forste, Sarah Marr, Robin Hanson,
Nadia Reed, and FM-2030 for their editorial comments and fine tuning.
Thanks to Marvin Minsky, Vernor Vinge and Ralph Merkle for their helpful

URL for Extropic Art Manifesto
Definitions of Extropic Art, and its subsets Automorph and Exoterra Art
(footnotes not included in e-mail version)


We are transhumans.

Our art integrates the most eminent progression=20
of creativity and rationality
merged by discovery.=20

I am the architect of my existence. My art reflects my vision and represents
my values. It conveys the very essence of my being=97coalescing imagination
and reason, challenging all limits.

* * * * *
Extropic Art calls upon our heightened sensibility to reveal the
multiplicity of realms yet to be discovered, yet to be realized. We are
exploring how current and future technologies affect our senses, our
cognition and our lives. Our attention to and comprehension of these
relationship become fields of art as we participate in the most immediate
and vital issues for transhumanity: expanding life and reversing aging,
self-ownership and liberty, augmenting intelligence and creativity,
exploring the universe.

* * * * *
Extropic Artists design with electronics and collaborate with the cosmos,
perform in multiple realities, automorph mind and body, conceive, innovate
and explore. We indelibly engrave extropic memes. We are the
neo-cyberneticists utilizing high-end creativity, engineering skills,
scientific data, and automated tools to author our visions.

* * * * *
Extropic Art encourages experimentation and attitudes of abundance. Extropic
Art emphasizes the infinite possibilities of self-transformation as we seek
new values indispensable to our self-creation. We have no interest in
focusing on self-defeating thinking or entropy. We are achieving refined
emotions through provocative forward thinking and analytical techniques.=20

* * * * *
The Extropic Art Movement and its subsets Exoterra and Automorph Art ,
regard art as more than an artefact. Art influences social and cultural
change: how we live and who we are. It creates a sense of self, art as
being, autonomous yet connected to culture=92s continuum. How we accomplish
our intentions is a matter of selective individual choice=97whether abstract
or concrete, whether artefact or non-form. Our criteria for art remain open
and we welcome cross-disciplinary innovations.=20

* * * * *
As we move into the 21st Century, Extropic Art will suffuse the universe
around us. Our unique ingenuity will spread far out into the capillaries of
our culture. We are active participants in our own evolution from human to
posthuman. We are shaping the image of whom we are becoming.

Natasha Vita More, Extropic Artist
January 1, 1997