Re: SPACE: Lunar Warfare

Paul Dietz (
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 17:11:30 +0000

>. The lunar mass driver designed
> by O'Niel was long enough for people to ride comfortably, with maximum
> Gs of less than 9. It was over 75 km long.

This isn't right. The acceleration in O'Neill's mass driver was much
higher that that. Heck, I think the 3rd prototype at SSI hit 200+
gees. It was also designed to launch payloads much smaller than
a person (a few kilograms at a time, at a high rep rate, with the
buckets being decelerated and recycled.)

The long length you may be thinking of is the post-acceleration
phase, where the packets are tweaked electrostatically or
magnetically to remove small velocity errors (this is needed to make
the mass catcher sufficiently small).