Re: META: future list infrastructure

Max More (
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 13:02:26 -0700 (MST)

At 11:39 AM 1/19/97 +0100, Eugene wrote:
>I don't want to be appearing to nag, being a newbie on a voluntarily
>maintained list (BIG thanks go to the sorely tried list/site admin) of
>seasoned extropians. However, I am really looking forward to the planned
>reformed structure of the mailing list, as Max More has hinted at some
>time ago. Cart, horse, and all.

>We need is a number of channels, where each individual can select a set
>of them optimally tailored to his gusto

I expect there always to be a list where the topics of conversation are
open. This untamed and unmoderated list will probably always have a place.
We do intend to create specialist lists (see the new issue of Exponent for
details) to provide forums for very high quality discussion.

When will this happen? The speed of implementation depends on whether
someone spearheads the project. I cannot do that, given my current
commitments. I'm looking for someone to do the main work on this project. If
no one suitable is found, the new set of lists will still arise, but more

If ExI had a staff of paid, full-timers, things like this would get done
much more quickly. Alas, we have *no* full-time, paid staff. There are many
transhumanists who have not joined in the Extropy Institute effort, which
holds back progress. If all the transhumanists/extropians around actually
pitched in, ExI would have more resources of all kinds to do things like
list reform, additional conferences, regular publications, etc.

>Some symptoms of the dread disease: a noticeable fraction of technically
>minded people have unsubscribed from the list

People come and go all the time, This has happened over the last years that
the list has been running. Yes, some of it is due to too much discussion of
topics not interesting to the individual. But it's also due to people
wanting to focus on things other than talk on a list. Some of those who
leave later return, when they feel they have more time to spend reading and
writing on an email list.


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