The Creationists' astronomical point-of-view

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Hey Extropes,

I ran across something accidently on the net today regarding the Creationists'
point-of-view. Arguing with Creationists is not something I tend to do
in my daily activities, so I almost never pay attention to conversations
of this nature. But if you are in a position where you are doing this
activity, or you would like to do this activity, it would be good to get
an idea of their perspectives and logic, so hence, this site is a
valuable resource:

"Unmasking the False Religion of Evolution"

The author of this site has pulled together many different
arguments to prove his point. So take a look. I was amazed at the
number of misunderstandings and misconceptions. At least in the
astronomy portion that I looked at. It's like the author heard a fact,
took it out of context, and wove a logical theory around it. (This
sort of twisting of facts reminds me quite a bit of the Communist
propaganda that I have seen and read, in the past.)

To give you an idea, I am posting below some of the astronomy "arguments"
that I saw there. FYI, only. (I don't have the time to discuss astronomy
with these people, although it is really tempting.)


Begin Quote from that Site:

Sun Shrinkage Rate
Let's look at some more facts from science-another coin from the treasure
chest. The sun is burning! How many of you knew that already? As the sun
burns, the sun is shrinking. Boyle Observatory in England has been
keeping careful records of the sun's diameter for 300 years. It
oscillates a little bit, but the general trend is that the sun is
shrinking 5 feet every hour. That has been the case for the 300 years
that it has been observed. Dealing with science that is observable,
testable, and demonstrable, the sun is shrinking. Now this is going to
be complicated. If the sun is shrinking that means it used to be what?
That's right; it used to be bigger. Five feet per hour is the shrinkage
rate; so, if you were to go back in time to an hour ago, the sun would
have been 5 feet bigger. If you go back a few thousand years ago, there
would be no problem. If you want to tell me that the earth is millions
of years old, then we have a problem. Twenty million years ago the sun
would have been very big at the current shrinkage rate assuming that it
is a linear progression, or that it might be geometric, or logismic. I
understand all of that. I taught mathematics and science. Either way, it
puts a time limit on this model. If you excel 20 million years ago at
today's shrinkage rate the sun would have been so big that it would
touch the earth. This of course would have made life very

If you want to tell me that the dinosaurs lived 70 million years ago,
they would have fried. They would have been charbroiled. They would have
been inside the sun. The world cannot be millions of years old. You will
have to alter your theory to fit within a shorter timeframe than that.

Existence of Comets
Let's take a look at some additional facts of science. Comets fly around
the solar system, and comets are constantly losing material. You can't
just keep losing and losing because pretty soon you will have a problem.
It's kind of like your checkbook. You see; the Bible is very plain: if
your out go exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall.
Astronomers guess that comets only last about 10,000 years and then they
break apart. Now, that brings up a very good question. Why do we still
have comets? They should all be gone! People ask me, "Hey that is a very
interesting concept. Why do we still have comets?" I'm just a high
school science teacher, but here is my theory. I believe the Bible. I
believe about 6,000 years ago God created the heavens and the earth, and
that is why we still have comets. Our universe is only about 6 or 7
thousand years old. Simple! That explains the comet. That explains the
shrinking sun. It also explains the population.

Stellar Facts
Scientists say, "It takes thousands of millions of years for stars to
evolve from red giants to white dwarfs." You had better study your
history. All of the ancient astronomers said that Sirius was a red star.
Today it is a white dwarf. This occurred within 2,000 years not millions
of years. Stellar evolution needs to be rethought. They say that it
takes millions of years for these planets to cool off. Wait a minute!
Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus are all hot, and yet they are rapidly
cooling off.

If we walked into a room and found a cup of coffee on the table that was
boiling hot, I would say, "Don't touch that, it's hot." You would say,
"Whose is it?" Then I would say, "I don't know. It's been sitting there
for 4,000 years." It's so hot, yet it has been sitting there for 4,000
years. Don't you think that is a little far fetched? The planets are not
billions of years old.

Saturn's rings are still expanding, and they are not billions of years
old. They are still separating the particles by the Pointing Robertson
Effect. They are not billions of years old.

Distance To The Moon
The moon goes around the earth. As the moon goes around the earth, the
moon is getting further and further away. We are slowly losing the moon
a couple of inches a year; no big deal; it's nothing to worry about.
This is going to be complicated; so, read very carefully. If the moon is
getting further and further away from the earth, that means that it used
to be closer. Scientists will agree with that. Now, wait a minute! A
couple of thousand years ago that wouldn't make a big difference. If you
want to tell me that the earth is millions or billions of years old, you
had better get your calculator because it makes for a serious problem.
If you bring the moon back in closer, it would cause trouble because the
moon causes the tides. If you bring the moon back in a couple of million
years ago, the tides would have been so high that it would have drowned
everything on earth twice a day. Everybody knows that you can only drown
comfortably once a day. If you want to tell me that the dinosaurs lived
70 million years ago, then I know what happened to them. They got sick
of drowning twice a day! Man, they quit! They gave up! They said, "This
evolving is too hard; I'm not going to do this anymore!" The simple fact
is: the earth cannot be billions of years old.

End Quote from that Site

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