Re: meta: Netiquette....

Hara Ra (
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 23:06:32 -0800

Michael Butler wrote:
> I don't always give names, because time is short and threads do the
> job for me. Certainly I agree that it gets twisty at the >>> level.

All I want is who wrote the > level. I usually ignore anything further

> I was unaware that anyone considered this attempt to conserve
> bandwidth RUDE (caps not mine). I certainly go out of my way
> in verbal conversation to credit others when I'm quoting or even
> paraphrasing.
"Hara Ra Says:" takes about 15 milliseconds. Lots of bandwidth there.

> But when I'm engaged in a direct discussion with the party in question,
> *must* I credit the source *every* time I put in >s?
Absolutely. I read email in time order, not sorted in threads, and the
point is to credit the quoted poster. BTW, my email package (NS Gold)
always does it for me (see top of this posting) automatically.

> Can you understand that I don't do this in my personal
> correspondence, and that this is a _mail_ list, not a _news_ group?
This _mail_list_ has some 500 members, and about 50 regular posters. My
short term memory can hold 7 items on a good day.

> My intent is not to claim correctness--I'm just presenting another
> point of view (mine).
And now you have mine.

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