ENVIRO/BOOK: Wallace Kaufman's "No Turning Back"

Fri, 17 Jan 1997 07:48:27 -0500 (EST)

For any extropian interested in environmental issues, the "environmentalist
movement" and generally our relationship to nature, I HIGHLY recommend a book
called "No Turning Back" by Wallace Kaufman (1994 Basic Books; ISBN

Kaufman is a self-confessed "recovering environmentalist", conservationist
and science journalist. A listing of chapter titles reveals the scope and
subject matter of the book:

Confessions of an Environmentalist
The Search for Authority
An Opposition Movement is Born
The Roots of Environmental Thinking in America
Searching for a New Sense of the Sacred
Winning the Public Away from Science
Nature as We Want It: Can the Environmental Movement Adapt to the New
Who Owns Nature?
Technology to the Rescue
This is Not the End, But the Beginning

Kaufman, who has been an "insider" in leading environmentalist groups, traces
the anti-scientific development of the American environmental movement from
its roots in late 18th century romanticism through it's modern
anti-capitalist political activism. He makes a compelling case for privatist
approaches to conservation and the employment of advanced, intelligent
technology to natural resource management issues. Kaufman explores
scientifically reasonable definitions of "nature" in light of the special
place of humans and current insight into the chaotic nature of complex
systems. His scientifically critical, but ultimately optimistic, approach to
environmental questions such as global warming, deforestation, wetlands and
wilderness preservation, species extinction, land and other resource use and
human population growth are clear and encouraging expressions of extropian

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