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Thu, 16 Jan 1997 02:09:12 +0000

Before I get a million corrections by private email, I've revised
this post to delete 'dorsal' and insert 'frontal'. I really do know
what I look like!

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The aquatic ape evolutionary theory may be one among many to explain
bipedalism, but its significance goes beyond that. It is the first
attempt at a rational hypothesis to explain why women's reproductive
anatomy underwent the change to a full frontal vagina. Many
evolutionary biologists have stated that the reproductive change was
hitherto ignored or considered irrelevant, but such a drastic change
would have probably been brought about by a significant change in the
circumstances under which the sex act was conducted. They point to
the physical similarities of the female genitals of other aquatic
mammals, certain characteristics of which are not paralleled in
land-based primates. The modern woman's body seems to have evolved
into a combination of the characteristics of land and aquatic mammal.
There would have been little need for the man's genitals to have
changed position regardless of living environment, so biologists look to
the woman's body for clues, just as they would with any mammal.

Interestingly enough, Freud's work has been cited in connection with
this theory, because he discovered during his study of dreams that
water figures prominently in the dreams of persons who are
experiencing periods of great stress. Cognitive theories state that
our emotional systems are wired to be triggered by stimuli that may
have been encountered by primitive human, therefore it would not be
unreasonable to consider that water may have played a significant
role in our early history.


Kathryn Aegis