MEMETICS: Subterfuge in Communication

Lyle Burkhead (
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 23:29:06 -0500 (EST)

David Musick writes,

> For example, to many theists, I never let on that I don't really
> believe in God. In fact, I talk to them as though I *do* believe in
> God, and I tell them how God wants us to learn as much as we can
> and to improve ourselves as much as we can. I often get into it
> more vigorously than their preacher does, explaining the scriptures
> and Jesus' purpose and His message, and they're just nodding their
> heads "Amen!", and their whole religion seems so much clearer to
> them, and they feel so good, and all the while I've been putting a
> subversive twist to their religion; I've turned their religion into
> something that wants them to excell in their lives and to understand
> their world better. I get them so worked up and in such vigorous
> agreement, that they can't forget the message I gave them, because
> I've woven it right into their belief system.

Interesting. Maybe, since Extropians are atheists, you pretend to be
an atheist in your postings to the list, so you can weave your message
into their belief system...

This is a dangerous and tricky game. Of course I play similar games
myself. Anyone who has been on the list more than a few weeks
knows of my love for leg-pulling and mindfucking. But there is a
fine line that one must be careful not to cross: I will pull your leg
all day long, but I won't lie to you or pretend to be something I'm not.
The difference is subtle but important.