Re: ExI: Cognitive Extropians

J de Lyser (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 20:30:42 +0100

"Lee Daniel Crocker" <>, wrote:

>One problem with "improving the mind" in the sense of making it more
>efficient, bigger, and faster is debugging: as Intel's experience should
>have shown us, the faster you make the chip, the faster it produces
>volumes of wrong answers if there is a flaw.
>Therefore, at least as important as intelligence increase is debugging.
>I.e., philosophy and epistemology. Let us not only strive for more
>answers, but for correct ones. Capability without control is like a
>rocket-propelled car without a steering wheel.

Here you are underestimating the unused potential of the capacity of the
human mind. A computer is made to work at the max of his capacity, a human
mind isn't. Any control over 'capability' should be in the hands of the
individual, not pre-set, dogmatic, and hard to adapt to reality,
philosophies or epistimologies, designed by people who may (help) invent
something, but never come to make any practical use of it.

'Capacity without control is like a rocket propelled car' ?
Capacity with control is like a car moving slowly into ONE direction,
capacity with individual control is like a million cars propelled in all
directions, increasing the chances one will arrive at a destination.

J. de Lyser.
P.E.M. Brussels.