Re: SPACE: Lunar warfare

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 13:40:10 -0500

Hara Ra wrote:
> The Low Willow wrote:
> > 1950's hell. What are the depths of nuclear or meteor craters? Can we
> > design earth-penetrating missiles to direct their blast downward? Etc.
> >
> My brother who lives in Colorado Springs stated that it was common
> knowledge
> there that the USSR had built several ICBMS with 100Mton warheads
> designed
> for deep penetration of Cheyenne Mountain....
Sure but how many are in existence. The US does have the SLAM glide
bomb, which is effective for bunkers 200 feet down, but thats a 1000 lb
warhead. The capability is there, but not the actual devices for deep
nuke penetration. In any event, the current BMDO technologies on the
drawing boards now and being tested now are fully sufficient to counter
incoming ballistic weapons on the Moon. The fact that the moon has no
atmosphere makes lunar ground based beam weapons also ideal for
defending a large linear induction gun, as they can run on the same
power source that is used by the gun for launching, so they are not
limited in power. Orbiting beam weapons are limited in power due to
weight restricions of launch vehicles.

His assertions of insurgencies orchestrated by the CIA/NSA etc. are also
vacuous, as intelligence is a two edged sword. being able to control who
goes where (all that vacuum helps)really helps in maintaining the
integrity of restricted access zones. Placing the gun far enough away to
make a suited traverse difficult, thus requiring access to traced
vehicles is sufficient. beyond that, any computer penetration by agents
would most likely be opposed by a lunar colonie's IT security people,
who would likely be former hackers who were booted off earth.
Considering the present ineffectuality of establishment security people
here on earth, I doubt they will develop a level of superiority in the

As much lunar mobilization will be underground, observation satellites
will be useless, while Terrans almost never do anything underground. His
assertions of developing HumInt assets within the colony are also
specious, seeing the past 40 years intelligence communities inability to
develop HumInt here on earth to any degree of reliability. Terran Intel
relies heavily on Sigint & Opsint analysis. Look at our inability to do
anything with the Iran Hostages, or to see Iraqs invasions.
Additionally, now that the cold war has ended, one can do a serious
analysis of what areas of intelligence the Soviets were strong and weak
in, as well as the US. Where they went wrong and why. Using this data,
one can develop more secure operations.


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