Re: Misc: Morphing

Hara Ra (
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 09:54:17 -0800

Mark Grant wrote:

> I don't really see how this would be possible. Yes, you could record all
> the input to the brain but all this would give you are the sensations that
> the animal felt which could be duplicated by inputs to a human brain.
> You're not going to be able to experience the inner workings of their
> brain because you're not an animal of that kind. Perhaps if there are
> physiological similarities between the two brains you could record the
> inputs to those parts of the brain and replay them, but I still can't see
> that having the effect you want of "becoming" that animal. If anything it
> would probably be intensely confusing.

I expect that there would be accepted forms of mapping, for example
taking a
bat's sonar and making it visual. Which maps to use would be a matter of
and taste, for example the bat's sonar could be mapped into my tongue,
other body parts....

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