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Tue, 7 Jan 1997 17:44:30 -0800 (PST)

On 07/01/97:

>> = Eugene Leitl
> = Michael Lorrey

>> Can somebody bring some real numbers into the discussion? Please.
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>Yes, this is also what I asked for. Apparently its either too indicting
>against the PC view, or nobody has done the homework.

Actually, in a discussion regarding the biased view of one person,
numbers seem to be irrelevant. De Garis makes the statement that that there
are far more male geniuses than women geniuses. I ask him to prove it. To
do so accurately, he needs to objectively test (if that is even possible)
every single man, woman and child alive right now. Numerically, that's
about 5.436457253 billion people. Now it's 5.436457255 billion.

As I said yesterday, I know lots of male geniuses; I know lots of
female geniuses. Until I meet virtually everyone on this planet, I'll never
be able to accurately say what the ratio is between male and female genius
is...nor will de Garis. Truthfully, I don't care enough to do the field
research, thanks. Go for it, Hugo.

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