Re: political correctness according to Hugo de Garis
Tue, 7 Jan 1997 12:21:27 -0500

Kathryn Aegis referred to a number of books that help to show that women can
qualify as geniuses. Let me add this one: Annle L. Macdonald, "Women and
Invention in America" (Random Books, 1992) ISBN 0-345-35811-2.

At over 500 pages, with ample notes and an extensive bibliography, this is no
"Erma Bombeck at the PTO"! The work proves useful not only for its many
specific examples of women inventors, but also for its analysis of how
various institutions and customs have hindered women geniuses from exercising
their talents.

I must say that I find the notion that women cannot qualify as geniuses (in
whatever gender-neutral way you define that term) as absolutely laughable.

T.0. Morrow